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Who We Are

Marsbridge Capital is a London based data science and trading technology development company with offices in Yerevan, Armenia. It was founded with the mission to empower investment management professionals with innovative, affordable and reliable technological solutions and custom software to achieve their goals in global financial markets. We are specialized in creating algorithmic trading systems using advanced technology that relies on financial mathematics, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and more.

Marsbridge Capital counts among its clients, investment managers from US, UK, Singapore, Australia and Switzerland.

Yeghishe Kerobyan, co-founder and owner, has over 15 years of experience in discretionary and algorithmic trading within financial institutions and private practice.

Mr. Kerobyan holds a master's degree in Finance from London Business School and master's degree in Physics from Yerevan State University. He has worked as a Portfolio Manager, Trader, Stock Exchange Board Member as well as an independent consultant.

What We Do

Custom Software Development

Marsbridge Capital has extensive experience delivering software for demanding clients in the financial markets. Marsbridge Capital's domain knowledge in financial markets and development methodology allows our clients’ specialized projects to proceed on time and on budget through the entire software development life cycle.

Data Science

Using our deep expertise in Big Data we provide Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Visualization and NLP services to enable our clients to discover actionable insights and patterns in both structured and unstructured data.

Backtesting and Forward Testing

We have extensive experience in Backtesting diverse types of strategies for all major asset classes and provide vectorized and event based, fast and reliable Backtesting solutions to help our clients to form realistic expectations.

Some of the Technologies We Support


Trading Technologies

Interactive Brokers






Gain Capital


TD Ameritrade





Amazon Cloud Services

Google Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure

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